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Four Winns

Four Winns owners have something special in common. It's not their age, nor their backgrounds. Four Winns owners share a philosophy; life should be a beautiful ride. They believe life is better when surrounded by friends who are surrounded by fine upholstery. They believe in packing as much as they can into a weekend, and desire the ample storage to do so. They believe that any vehicle with a cockpit should have the power to thrill. When crafting a Four Winns, we focus on quality. Our intelligent engineering, quality manufacturing, and expert craftsmanship make for fulfilling experiences that deliver a more beautiful ride.

With Four Winns award-winning patented Stable Vee ® hull, experience the water like never before. Through expert engineering, all Four Winns models provide enhanced lateral stability both on plane and at rest, along with crisp cornering, handling, and better fuel efficiency. Through the after pods located on the transom, Four Winns plane at lower speeds and have significantly less bow rise than the competition. With the Four Winns Stable Vee ® you are always in full command of your boat,Available from 18 to 38 feet.

Zodiac Inflatable Boats


Breathe… Now imagine the pleasure of a family trip to a remote cove, the intense sensations of water skiing, the thrill of diving with friends, the joy of fishing… All those pleasures are yours with a Zodiac boat! We share your pleasure and passion for navigation and exploration. With a Zodiac boat you have a steadfast companion for all your escapes, always at your side while navigating seas all around the world. We will be there to escort you safely, no matter if you are an expert captain or if it's your first time on the water.